Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weather and Losing Pounds

This letter mentions both weather and Grandma Aldrich (the person dad calls mom) trying to lose weight. He says 'I've heard that song before'. Our Grandma Aldrich was one of those beautiful round traditional Grandmothers. She loved to bake and can and eat. At some point perhaps in her 60's or 70's she decided to as she put it, 'die fat and happy'. She died at age 96. I remember my Aunt and Uncle arguing on her behalf when she was in the nursing home to let her have her hot chocolate. I suspect the winter weather Dad is speaking of was lots of snow if it was going to be helpful. We on the other hand are in our third or fourth day of over 100 degrees, but then it is the end of June. Everything is dry and fireworks are barely permitted, perhaps in the middle of the road standing over or in a bucket of water.
On losing weight, we are actually doing a vegan diet to reverse diabetes. When in the hospital, Tim was tested and came back just into the diabetic category. So we counted calories and watched carbs for a couple of weeks and then the doctor suggested that we do this vegan diet. This is our second week. No eggs, fish or dairy is harder than no meat. Also trying to do low fat is a challenge and not having my summer frozen mint carob rice dream or tofutti cutties. We did enjoy going out tonight to a Vietnamese restaurant, it was yummy and we did not ask if they used sugar or oil in their dishes but we did stay vegan.

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