Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Week - One Month

Dad starts his letter, another week and for me it has been a month. I'm not sure what kept me busy every Sunday but I have been. He also mentions about working on not complaining or grumbling, well I think he did a good job on that one as I cannot remember him being much of a complainer. He also talks about getting use to the work committee and I have been having plenty of committee work lately. I am on our IMYM nominating committee which meets by conference call some Sunday evenings. I am currently involved with three different Quaker conference calls. It is kind of interesting to meet this way, over the phone. We will begin with silence and then lately we have been doing a go around where we each say our names so everyone can recognize each others voices. It is a good idea. We also close in silence.

November 19, 1943


Dear folks,

Another week gone. ----- There were three bucks in the letter I just received from youns. Thanks a lot. Money is nice stuff to have around when you need it.

I got the cookies yesterday too. They are nearly gone now they were good and everyone liked them. Real chocolate is something now/, We got to calling boxes from home “goodie boxes” and the new travels fast when someone gets a goodie box.

You ask how I’m feeling. I guess I’m doing pretty well. I havn’t had a real cold since last spring. Just a little sniffle now and then. If I don’t get about 7 or 8 hours of sleep my sniffle gets worse so I watch. I’d say that I’m feeling as good as ever if not better. I’ve gotten so that I don’t mind the work committee work so much now. At first it was hard to keep from worrying about it. Can you imagine me worrying.

I bet the boys are throwing nubbins now like everything, unless you have had some more bad weather. You mentioned Dale and Harry groweling and grumbling. It seems to me that a lot of people waste a lot of word grumbling about things. I know I do, I expect that you remember that too. Of late I have been trying to work on myself a little and make more good coments than complaints.

I havn’t kept track of what you have said you had out in the cornpicking business. I guess everytime you got a piece out you mentioned it but I never added them up. Just what is the score now? I wonder what the corn is making this year so far. I don’t believe you said anything about that.

It is a shame that Penn is loosing Elliott. He is probably in a better position to do more good where he is going. Maybe the next guy will be pretty good. What do the kids think about it. Bob Cook (an Iowa guy that is out here) said that they guy that is preaching at Osky is a brother-in-law of one of the fellows that came out here with us from Coshocton. A small world.

Why don’t you write me on the typewriter, Mom? Or can you write faster with a pencil.

Warren is coming home soon. I guess he is leaving Mon. afternoon. A pal of his that just got a IV-F is going to stop off on his way back home (he lives in Maine) and visit with Warren at his home. They will get there at about the same time. His name is Henry Wass.

I guess that’s about all this time.

With Love and stuff.