Sunday, June 5, 2011

In and Out of the worm hole

Dad's post begins 1944 with a lot of work and sharpening of saws. In our time Tim just went through surgery to remove the blood that was pressing on his brain. We had been watching it and thought that he was getting better. Once we got to the hospital we realized that our process had been to make up a story line 'like the blood pool is shrinking' and then to fit his experiences and my observations to the story. This worked until he began to loose function in his right leg and not know that he could not move his right leg. So our friend Don and I got him into the car and to the emergency room. Of course we went to the wrong hospital (I thought it would be the one near the doctors office but it was the other one)This was on a Friday a week ago, they operated that afternoon and he is now doing better and after 5-days is home.
this thought about creating a story line of what you believe and then fitting facts into it made me understand fundamentalist Christians who believe in creationism better. I think often we do this in life, decide what we believe and then see the world in these terms. One needs a kind of crisis to break through the old thinking to a new approach. I wonder if as climate disasters increase if we will begin to change our beliefs and the way we have been living. I feel with our hospital experience that we went through a worm-hole to another galaxy and back. I am looking at life a little differently now, checking out my assumptions and the stories I am making up.

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