Monday, June 20, 2011

January 22, 1944

Dear folks,

Your letter must have traveled slow cause I never got it till to day (Sat.). So I’ll dash you off a little this afternoon before the mail goes (I hope) and maybe you’ll get it in good time.

It is kind of nice to know that you have some realatives on this side of the world even if you can’t get to see them. I could get a two day leave and go up and see them but it would take a little money and I seem to have a lot to do anyway. If I get real restless sometime I may do it but I doubt it. I get pretty well rooted in a place after I have been there for a while.

Imagine burning cornstalks in Jan. That is better than Oregon weather. We are still having good weather here.

I heard from Harry yesterday and he told me too that he had learned a lot and he is pretty well out of the notion of even getting married after the war. He says probably not till he is through Doc school. Maybe it is a sour grape situation. Maybe it is good sense coming through. Probably a little of both. Norma still writes to me once in a while but can’t think of much to say with out talking about Harry and she don’t want to talk about him to me. Soooo---, she don’t say much.

What does Evelyn do, she never writes to me. Bawl her out for me will you. I’ll bet she runs around a lot. That’s good tho, I’d rather do that than write letters.

Guess that’s about all. Warren takes care of the hogs and the old sow that is going to have pigs he named Gwendolyn. I’ve been kidding him about her, he gave her a bath the other day. I’ll bet he’s about the best guy we could have on the Job.

So long


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