Monday, June 20, 2011

washing pigs

This weeks letter does not say alot about the world of the CPS camp. It ends with Dad's friend Warren taking care of and washing a sow. It seemed like an interesting image, and also that it seemed natural for the camps to be raising some of their own food. Here in 2011, we have to fight political battles to have chickens in the city, I wonder about pigs. Here in the west it is becoming a major fire summer. There has been a drought all spring and now there are forest fires in just about every mountain range. Some of the fires are small and gone soon, others like the Wallow fire in Arizona burn for weeks sending smoke across a number of states.
As our temperatures are in the 90's and 100's we are told to limit use of swamp coolers when the smoke level is high as it pulls the smoke into the house. Yesterdays level was very high. This morning looks clear.
In the continual story of our journey with Tim's brain, last week he began to have these incidents that the doctors are calling seizures. It was a bit strange because they kept happening at 10am in different doctors offices. They had another CT-scan done and that scared the person interpreting it who told the GP, who asked us to go to the emergency room to meet the neuro-surgeon who said it's not so bad and sent us home. After dealing with this system for 6 weeks now, I am finally realizing that we need to keep track of all of these tests and records. Some things are sent electronically but others are not. I also notice how each doctor has a different part of the picture (unfortunately a bit like the blind men looking at the elephant). The doctors rely on us (the stressed out/freaked out support people and the calm patient) to convey the information to them. They also get some reports and summaries from hospitals and each other. I have thought about setting up a health wiki for Tim, it would require that they would look at it, but then I could just bring along my computer and show it to them. Not sure if any of this relates to washing pigs.

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