Sunday, June 12, 2011

Double spacing

Dad has a short letter, mostly about something called a squirrel cage that is used in calculating lumber sales or cuts. He ends with saying if it was double spaced he would have more of a letter. I just finished the beginning of a paper for a class I am taking. I am writing it single spaced, so that when I have to finish it it will seem longer when I switch to double spacing. I once attended an orientation for being on a search committee (one that helps to hire new faculty), I was so struck by the leader of the orientation telling us that "perception is more important than reality". That seems to be the world we live in. The perception that the letter or my paper looks long, not the reality of the number of words. In dealing with Tim's bleeding on the brain, we got to a point where reality was far more important than perception. I also think that this is the discipline of nonviolence, 'satyagraha' the search for and force of truth. That if we can come to a point when we actually recognize the truth of a situation of a relationship then we are all transformed, moved up through a worm hole to a new galaxy. The example I think of for this was the lunch counter sit-ins in the south, I think in Memphis when there was an empass and change needed to happen, the high school editor of the high school newspaper asked the Mayor directly 'what do you think?' He responded, 'I think we should integrate'. That opened the door and the business men agreed and the change happened. That simple direct 'I statement' allowed others to see the truth.

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  1. Interesting segue, from bleeding to sitting to eye statements.