Sunday, May 1, 2011

December 24, 1943

Dear folks,
The day before Christmas. I have been out here over a year. I didn’t think when I came out here that I’d stay in the same camp that long. I guess I have been comparitely happy here. Probably as happy as I could be anywhere during a war. Life outside isn’t what it used to be with rationing and shortages and propoganda. We do lead a somewhat sheltered life. We all somewhat agree and can say what we think about events.

I received the big box of candy, There is still about half of it left. Everyone likes it. Several of the fellows have received boxes of candy or cakes so it seems like Christmas from that angle. Grandma Aldrich sent me a box of divinity and candy bars. I just about had them eaten when yours came.

Grandma Ozbun sent me a Buck for a present. I havn’t thanked her for it yet. I have been putting off things like that till this afternoon. We get tomorrow off and we worked overtime so that we could lay off this afternoon, this way some of the fellows that live close enough can get an early start on a big week-end leave. So I have a little time to write letters.

I hope this finds all of youn’s in better health. Mom will probably be in better shape and Dad worse. I know just how you feel with this flu. I was in bed three days and it took me about a week to get back to normal and I’m not clear back yet. Several of the fellows have had it and there was one that had it this morning and will have to spend Christmas in bed.

That was a little different approach to a Christmas program. I suspect that most of the kids were glad enough to give it up tho.

I just had another piece of that good candy. It is one of my favorite kinds.

Say! but that was a pile of corn. I don’t believe we ever had that much before.
Well, I guess I’m about written out. We are having a little rain now and then and it seems like it did last year.

Don’t work too hard.

Happy New Year.

P. S. Sun. nite---- I didn’t get this done in time to go out in the afternoon mail Fri. so I’ll write a bit more.
We had a nice Christmas part Fri. night. Quite a few of the fellows were in from the side camps and I got to see some of my old friends that I hadn’t seen for several months. Some of the more musical boys had gotten up a swell musical program that was done very impressively with different colored lights. One of the best Christmas programs I have ever seen. There is a lot of talent in CPS. We had a nice big turkey dinner Sat. and there was enough candy around so that I wasn’t hungry when it came time for supper. In the evening we all went over to the Dirrector’s apartment and one of the fellows read Dicken’s Christmas Carol. I thought we had a good Christmas. We would have rather been home but we enjoyed what we had.

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