Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christmas and Easter

In Dad's letters it's Christmas and here today in 2011 it is Easter. Dad had the flu and said that it is easier to send cards and give presents then it is to love your neighbors which is what Jesus taught. I have to agree. We did not grow up with a big celebration on Easter, but at some point we started to have Easter baskets, but we did not have a big dinner or picnics and parties the way southern New Mexico celebrates. We had a picnic with people in the Meeting today, we got blown away as the wind picked up in the afternoon. The wind has been very gusty lately. It is dry and windy throughout the west this spring. In Dad's letter he is talking of lot's of rain in Oregon and here we are very dry. My sister in Colorado says there has not been enough rain for them to buy and run some cows on their land, since there is not enough grass.

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