Sunday, April 24, 2011

December 18, 1943


Dear folks,

What do you suppose happened to me. I got the flu. wed. nite I felt kind of achey and by midnight I was aching like the dickens. I went to the infirmary. The next morning and I’m still there. I went to bed with lots of covers and hot water bottles and sweated all day and that night and on Fri. morning my temp. was below normal. Today is Sat. and I’m well enough to be very grouchy and complain about everything. I’m figuring on eating supper tonight in the dinning room. I sure hate eating in bed.

I have write some letters and read some since being sick so it has been a nice vacation. It kind of hurts my pride tho.

Well Mom, you may turn out to be a write yet inspite of the rest of us. It takes time tho.

I’m glad that Viola is doing alright and I imagine she is nearly well by now. I don’t blame the boys for relaxing a little. I never could help it on the last day either.

Harry didn’t pick such a bad amount of corn for his first year at it. Of course it doesn’t compare with Charles but I never could keep up with him either and I guess he was going better than ever. I wonder what his average was.

I guess one way to get Dad to teach the SS class is for them to take turns. I’ll bet he can do it tho. I wish I could be a mouse in the corner.

The weather report here is the sun shining a little right now and it hasn’t rained for several days but we expect it to start anytime and last a couple of months. We dream of a dry Christmas here.

I’m not sending any Christmas card this year. I was going to make some but couldn’t think of a suitable design that would say everything I wanted to say. I wanted to say that Christmas once a year isn’t enough, I’m not sure that Jesus would go for the way that people celebrate his birth. I suspect that he’d be glad to have us forget his birthday and do what he said for us to do. Love our neighbor as ourselves. But it is easier to give presents and cards. I’m going to be different and not send cards instead I’m going to try and write all my friends and maybe they will think about it a little. I know what happens when I get a Christmas card, I look at it and read the ryme and think that’s a nice pretty card and put it back in the envelope and never look at it again.

Yours with love and wishes for a Merry Christmas


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