Sunday, April 17, 2011

December 9, 1943


Dear folks,

I’ll try to do a little better this time on the letter. One thing I did was neglect to thank you for the Check for two bucks. that was in last weeks letter. I got the letter before I left with the supply trip for that spike camp I was telling you about. I stuck the letter in my pocket and read it on the way down and forgot about the money when I answered the letter with that measly little note Mon. Well thanks a lot for the dough.

Would you believe it, the sun is shining now. We havn’t had much rain for some time. We get some now and then and it is usually very foggy or clear and frosty in the mornings.

It is good to hear that your corn is down so you can see the end of it. I hope you make it by Christmas. So Rudy and Art got a hundred together. That’s not bad for kids their age is it. Corn is pretty good money now. That sure sounds like a lot 1.00 a bu. I guess you can pay that high price for picking. You are going to have a pretty good yield too. From out here it looks like a pretty good year in Iowa.

I see Mom is getting wise and double spacing her letters. that’s the way to make them look like there is a lot there. I guess they don’t make any new typewriters now. One of the guys in camp got a good second hand one for about 55 or something like that. The way to do is find some College guy that is through college or about to go to the army and wants some money to spend. So Eileen is getting “A” s maybe I should have had my apendics out when I was in High School. Tell Harry that might work for him if he want s to go back to College.

A little while ago I helped drive a hog up to slaughter tomorrow. We have an old barn rented about 80 rods from camp and we drive the victims up the day before and put in a little pen then in the morning we will make pork out of him. We kill about one a week. I skinned the last one and liked it a lot better. It is quite a bit quicker that way.

Well, Guess I’ll sign off for a while.


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