Sunday, April 10, 2011

November 27, 1943

Sat. Nov. 27

Dear Family,

Your letter never came till this morning so I’m dashing you off a note this afternoon.

The sun is shining here right now and we have been having pretty good weather lately. It is foggy in the mornings and rains a little now and then but it hasn’t been really bad for a week or two.

We had a good thanksgiving dinner. The fellows cooked up a deal with the boss to let us work overtime so we could have a late dinner and have the rest of the day off. It seemed more like thanksgiving to some of them if they didn’t have to work all day. I didn’t care much either way but I didn’t like to work after dinner tho. it seemed sort of nice to take a little time out a visit. I have worked so much overtime that I quit keeping track of it. I’ll take a Sat. some of these days and go up to Eugene and finish my job up there. I have been sort of tied up here on Sats. of late by the work-committee work.

Did I tell you about some of the fellows making toys for the Japanese-American Kids in relocation centers? Well I havn’t really been making any of them but I get mixed up in everybody’s toys. One fellow who is a very good mechanic made a small steam engine that runs off electricity. Then one guy’s wife is visiting in camp and she is a disigner. Her specialty is toys. She has been working on the toy business for the Japanese and has disigned a new set of blocks while she is out here.

So Eileen is back in the groove again. That’s good. Bringing kids home with her is good too.

Glad to hear that you all seem to like the preacher pretty well.

How are youn’s coming with “Abundant Living”/ ? I’m up to the 23rd week. I really like it.


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