Sunday, May 15, 2011

December 30, 1943


Dear folks,

Got your letter today so I’m dashing you off a note. I’m glad you thought of my insurance this year, Dad. Thanks a lot. I don’t know how long I’m going to have to depend on you to pay that. I hope I’m in a position next year to have an income. But you can’t tell.

That is nifty stationery that Mom has isn’t it. Good for big airmail letter too, and nice and thin.

I got a nice book the other day. I havn’t read it yet but I read the first page and it started good. I think I’ll like it. I have been reading a book by Loyd Douglas, “The Robe”. It is pretty good I think. I have it just about finished then I’ll read the one you sent me. I have been having a little more time to myself since the Christmas rush is over.

It looks like the straw bailing is a good idea. Are you thinking about combining you oats next year. I’ll bet Harry is.

If Harry goes to Des Moines send me his address will you or he can do it. I’m glad to hear he is in better spirits. I don’t think my letter had an awful lot to do with it. I think he had begun to figure things out himself. I’m afraid that little reverses in our lives are just one of the laws that we live by if we don’t do certain things, bingo! we run into the stone wall of the law.

I mean God’s laws. Maybe there are a lot of God’s laws that aren’t as plain as the Ten Commandments. I read somewhere that we don’t break the laws but break ourselves against the laws.

Warren and I have a great time with the hometown gossip. He usually beats me but I scooped him today. He didn’t know that Myrt was engaged.
The weather here is cloudy and damp. Not much rain tho.

I have one more day on the work-committee. I have had two one month terms and am ready to let some one else do it a while it isn’t good for one guy to have that jobs too long and I have plenty to do without it.

Well, so long----


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