Sunday, May 8, 2011

One week in May 2011

There's a lot in Dad's letter, this one to his youngest brother Harry. I think this is the only copy of a letter to one of his brothers. His language is a bit different. I like some of his lines: "Thinking is one of the most important things we can do but that isn’t enough, we stop thinking sometimes when we run up against something that requires us to admit we have been wrong." and at the end; "Things built on deceit won’t last. I think the whole truth is important." All just plain good advice.
This week in 2011 began last Sunday evening with the US raid on O.B.Ladin's complex in Pakistan. I was rather ashamed of the extreme celebrations at killing someone. I do believe there are better ways than killing. This concept of 'justice' that involves killing people because 'they' killed people is beyond me. I do believe that nonviolence needs to be the path as well as the destination. I truly believe that hurting one another is not necessary for human survival. So that was Sunday evening and Monday. Then on Tuesday Tim and I went to the doctor, who sent him to get a CT scan for his headaches, which revealed bleeding on the brain, we then went to a neurosurgeon and looked at the CT scan. Tim decided to go off of the coumadin to see if the bleeding would stop. the belief is that his motorscooter accident combined with the coumadin caused the bleeding to start even though he did not hit his head. So we both kind of went into shock. He has gotten some pain meds and is taking it easy and feeling better. I have kept on finishing up the semester work.
On Saturday, Jenny called to tell us that she has gotten engaged. She and her boyfriend have lived together for a couple of years and we are happy for them. Their moving to Austin, TX also looks more certain for the end of the summer. It will be great to have them closer to us. Also on Friday my nephew Shawn graduated from College in Utah. Kind of a busy week.

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