Sunday, May 15, 2011

The end of 1943

This is the last of Dad's letters from 1943. He had a total of 57. There are 51 from 1944 and fewer in 1945. It seems that he went through a number of changes and got fairly comfortable with life at camp Elkton. A quote I liked from this one is about God's laws:
"I read somewhere that we don’t break the laws but break ourselves against the laws." It may have once been a common saying but it makes sense to me and has less of a punishment sense and more of a natural consequences aspect to it.
Back here in 2011, we spent time at the imaging place waiting for Tim to get a CT scan. as I wrote a friend, I took a stress vitamin and a mystery this time. Dealing with our health care system is always interesting. Tim had a positive nod from the doctor and will stay off of blood thinners and take it easy for the next month, then go in for another CT scan. They could not give us any info or expectations on having the blood absorbed. He is now having some minor headaches but not the kind of pain he had.
I have been thinking of writing about nonviolence again and how when people talk about the fight or flight syndrome we could add in a third possibility; the sit down option. I think when Pema Chodrin speaks of this she talks about staying with your feelings or burning wood. I think that when we fight or flee we run away from the moment the present experience and the feelings that are created or triggered by it. I think that one aspect of violence is this attempt to destroy our own inner conflict which we project onto someone outside of ourselves. We go to war to create peace. In practicing nonviolence one does deal with conflicts and finding ways to move on, to accept where we are. I need to work on sorting out these thoughts.

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