Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 26, 1943

About 10:30
May 26
West of Omaha

Dear Folks,

I guess I’ll dash you off a note to let you know I’m doing alright. I hope you can read it. We just went through a place named Schuyler. We are only 15 min. late. Not bad. We got into Omaha 15 min. late and left 30 min. late but have made up part of it.
I got in a very nice coach. Sat down by a soldier. Seems to be a nice guy. He is from Virginia and is going back to camp in Oakland Calif. His father had died and he had 10 days emergency furlough and some extension. Anyhow spent 10 days at home. He seems to like to talk so let him. He told me about their farming method and they are pretty backwoodsy and one-horsey. Even a one horse corn-planter.
I don’t know when you will get this. It will help to fill the gap till you get one from me after get in camp.
Well I’m getting sleepy.

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