Sunday, May 9, 2010

April 22, 1943

C. P. S. #59
Elkton, Oregon
April 22, 1943

Dear folks,

F L A S H ! !

We got a telegram this morning from Mary Newman (Paul French’s Secretary I think) quote. “Stand away from the door. Furlough ban lifted.”

I Thought I’d tell youns right away to make up for the way I dillydallied about the first news. Now the chances are pretty good that I’ll get home at the appointed time. I havn’t bought a ticket yet cause I hardly expected to get to use it. But will get busy now. The way I have it planed I will leave here the 10th of May and arrive in Jefferson the 12th at 10:05 PM.

I’ll write when I get the tickets and am certain that and when I’ll arrive.

The surveying doesn’t look too good now, it didn’t turn out to be detached service. I think that now I can go home I’ll pass up this surveying. The larger surveying job with the Coast and geodetic Survey hasn’t gotten out this far yet but they expect it to. It will be over a larger territory and should be more interesting. They have picked some men from a couple of the far estern camps and the supisition is that the gov’t men that are picking the men are starting in the east and working this way. We don’t have much information about that either.

Well save the strawberries I’m going to get there this time.

I hope you can pick me up some film I havn’t been able to get any out here and I’d like to take a few pictures on the trip home. I have developed 5 rolls of film myself but havn’t printed anything yet. I’m going to do that before I leave and show you what I can do if anything. 620 is the number of the film I want for my new camera. They still sell it but there seems to be a lot of people buying it.

I’ve learned one thing, most of my troubles never get to me. Maybe God sort of shoves them out of the way.

Yours as ever

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