Sunday, May 30, 2010

Food from home

As I read this letter and he wrote about eating sandwiches on the train that Grandma had packed it reminded me of my visits up to Denver to see the folks and the boxes and coolers I would bring home. We would have berries and jams and pickles all home made. I remember I think I was in high school before I realized that there was store bought jams and jellys. I was visiting someone and it sure did not taste the same. Our mom would make lots of pickles, zucinni and dill and sweet. Dad did the berries and we would bring some back that were frozen and thaw them out. Good memories, before memorial day.
So tomorrow morning Tim and I take the 154 panels with over 5,000 paper origami peace cranes on them to the veterans park to set up there with an ROTC instructor. It will be interesting. How do we turn the corner, turn off the war machine? Sometimes I think it will come slowly and people will hardly notice, just no one will work for war anymore.

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