Wednesday, November 4, 2009

September 26, 1942

C. P. S. #23
Sept. 26, 1942

Dear folks,

Well, how’s everybody by now? I’m afraid I don’t write home very often do I. I’ve been sort of busy lately and a lot has happened since I wrote last. First, I caught a heck of a head cold last Sun. night, most of which is gone now. Then the educational director here at camp got ahold of an old and quite small printing press. The type is sort of mixed up and we havn’t got it all unpacked yet, there will have to be a lot of work done on the outfit before it will do any printing. Then I have been getting sort of fed up on dishwashing and this was my last week, well, I got a chance to work on a farm for a couple of days. So I took 2 days furlough and did that, I’m sure glad I did it was pretty good to get my feet back on some ground that would grow something again, this farm was down in the valley and the ground is quite rich I guess. That was Thur. and Fri. Well, I got a little vacation from camp and $6 out of it. Wages aren’t quite as high here and some of their farming methods are pretty ancient. I had a good time and saw some new country and met some nice people too. My only regret is that I had to use up 2 days furlough time. I think I’ll try and save up the rest of my furlough till next spring and come home and help put in some of the crops. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about that later. I had though of coming back at corn-detasling time, but I wonder if the community might miss-understand and think I was getting away with something. There was a story about some guy that went home to Kansas and some people in his home town telegraphed Washington D. C. and wanted to know how come the let C.O.s run around loose like that. Just how is the situation at the present there along that line?

I hope Charles and Elieen are doing alright, it was somewhat of a shock to me, I never thought of such a thing. But I wouldn’t be supprised if it will turn out for the best some way tho we many not know it or see it.

That “buck” I found in the last letter will find a good place and I appreciate it. There are week-end trips to Colombus every other weekend. The pacifists there have sort of a party for some of the C.P.S. boys, Ab went a couple of weeks ago and said he had a swell time. I think I’ll take in one of those sometime, so that’s probably where that $1 will go, for transportation.

I start a new job next Mon. I don’t know what it will be tho. I’ve been trying to get some sort of carpenter work or shop work, they have a carpenter shop at the station and one at the camp too.

I hope to get this in the mail today so I’d better quit. I’m praying for you, keep your chins up. Don’t work too hard.


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