Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dad's education

I actually missed this wednesday's post as we had friends visiting and I didn't get to it. It has been a busy week. Today is Dia de Los Muertos and we have put up the Iraq Peace Crane Memorial in the plaza in Mesilla and will go soon to take it down. The memorial has a paper peace crane for each US military death in Iraq posted on black foam board panels, with the info on the individual beneath the peace crane.
Back to Dad's letters, I wanted to say a little about his education, he attended a one room school in Iowa for the elementary grades and graduated from high school and then before the draft came he did one semester of college at William Penn College in Iowa. From his letters it seems he also had quite a bit of bible study and a lot of knowledge from the farm. I use to think that all people of his generation knew how to do everything, but I see he just learned it all, remembered and was always interested in learning more.

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