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October 19, 1942

C. P. S. #23
Coshocton, Ohio
Oct. 19 1942

Dear Family,

Well, how’s everybody now? Grandma and Lena told me that the sick kids were better. I supposed you have been bussy as usual and havn’t found time to write your wandering kids except on Sundays. I do kind of like to hear from you but if you don’t write I don’t have to answer you so often.

The reason I’m writing now is to get you to send an order to Monkey Wards for some stuff. Some of it I’m going to need when it gets cold and some of it I think I’d better get while getting is good and I still have some money in my name. You can just make it out to be mailed to me here at camp and send the order to Chicago as it is closer that Minnapolis

436 A-29090 3 Short slieve undershirts 36 1.59 4.68 3 12
B-29091 3 Ankle length drawers 32 1.59 4.68
490 42C5168 1 Whipcord Breeches (dark forest green)
32 waist 27 inseams 3.49 2
496D 35C7765 6pr Tow thumb Husking Mittens 1.24 1 5
507 42C5452 1 Fireman’s Coat (rain coat) 40 7.49 5 12
451 30C541 2 All Wool 20-in. Socks Red tops 1.25 6
457 60C5807 1 Solid Scarlet Sweat Shirt Medium 1.15 1 6

23.98 14 9oz
Postage .59
Tax .72

Say, that turned out to be quite an order. When I started all I was going to get was underwear. Don’t you think I’d better get that stuff before my money is gone and it gets too hard to get? The weather is terrible damp here and they tell me it doesn’t stay very cold for more than a few days at a time but it does get down below zero. It is chilly enough right now, this morning I wore two sweatshirts and a jacket to work and kept them on till noon. I’m on the surveying crew now and there isn’t a lot of activity but there is considerable exercise. It is almost always foggy when we get up which is what makes it seem so cold, we havn’t had any frost for a long time either.

As for the rain coat. The one I have is a good windbreaker yet but that is all. We have about one rainy day a week and they tell me that sometimes it rains twice as often. One day I walked about 80 rods in a nice gentle rain and my raincoat was wet through on the sholders. I understand that according to the records they usually have a lot of rain in the fall sometimes that really floods things so I suspect I’d better get a good raincoat if it is possible. I really don’t expect much tho, they will probably be out. I don’t know whether a coat made of reclaimed rubber will be worth that much or not. If Pop should think he can do better for me on a raincoat he can try, but I don’t think much of a cloth coat. There might be a rubber one around somewhere. If he is too bussy, which he is, forget it.

I had a good time in Cleveland yesterday, tell you about it in the next letter. Time to go to bed now.


P.S. Ohio Sales tax is 3 %. For you information I put down the page in the Catalog. Thank for your trouble. Those cookies were better than anybody elses.

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