Sunday, November 22, 2009

October 30, 1942

Fri. nite 10/30/42
Dear Folks,
Received the cookies today, in fair shape but the crumbs are good too. I havn’t eaten many yet. I got the order you sent yesterday and the only thing I failed to get was the sweatshirt. The raincoat is a dinger. Really looks like a good rubber and smells like it too. As far as I can see it is worth the money. Thanks a lot for sending it, I mean the order. It seems that I’m always bothering you for something or other. If this dumb war lasts long enough to get all three of us in camp you will have an awful time. I pray that never will happen. I hope you (meaning Mom) don’t work too hard making stuff to send me, but I know you do.

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