Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peace, Veterans Day and Contientious Objectors

I have been failing at my attempts to upload a picture taken last year at veterans day in Deming, NM. Tim and I were asked to take the Iraq Peace Crane Memorial to the Veterans Day celebration in Deming. This memorial has a white paper peace crane to represent each US military death in Iraq, the origami peace cranes are mounted on black foamboard panels. There are over 4,000 of them. At that Veterans day ceremony I was struck by a young Iraq War Veteran who spoke and said that this day, 'veterans day' was not a day to glorify war but to honor and support the people who had served. I think that those of us who work for peace without war, need to reclaim both veterans day and memorial day as days to work for peace. As I've read the letters from my dad and learned more about CPS and CO's, they served for years and have received little recognition. I have managed to add a picture which is of the Iraq Peace Crane Memorial in Washington, DC with our friend Mary Burton.

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