Sunday, October 30, 2011

A typewriter of her own

In this letter Dad mentions Grandma getting a 'typewriter' of her own. Our grandmother was a very creative person. She expressed this creativity in music and cooking and craft work - tatting and quilting and in writing. She wrote poetry, some were poems that rhymed for special occasions and some were just descriptive. I have a collection of her poems. I know there is one about the drive they would take from Iowa and the rocky mountains coming in to view. Dad also talks about Grandpa joining the Lions club, I never think of something like that starting up, it just seemed to be something that Grandpa had always been apart of. As for us here. We with a lot of help put up the Peace Crane Memorial this week, did a jail visitation and a nonviolent training session for the local Occupy Las Cruces group. It is interesting, they have set up down by the library in a small park there. there are about 8 tents set up. Not sure how many people. Tim took them some apples today. Other than helping with the Memorial I have been fairly lazy this weekend and happily have fewer meetings this coming week than last week. Jenny and Chris are now in Houston and Bonnie is back in Tennessee. Our weather has turned cooler.

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