Sunday, October 2, 2011

Being a good citizen

In Dad's letter he talks about growing up to be a good citizen. they are getting interested in voting and are also concerned about a bill in congress that would have required a year of service for all men after high school. It must not have gotten far as I never recall hearing anything about it. As for me the IRS garnished my paycheck again and now has more than what they said they would take out. I had a moment of panic and thought I now had an irs vampire stuck to my money vein and that they would take money out until I retired or died. I e-mailed payroll who of course said, they (being the irs) do this all the time and that then they would send me a check for the amount that they took which was over what was owed. So I relaxed a bit and assume that I will receive a full paycheck next month. Now the iRs has all the money that the frivolous filing penalty was related to. We will see what will happen next. I am warn out from grading papers, midterm is approaching so I will stop here. Vickie

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