Sunday, October 30, 2011

April 6, 1944

4/6/44 Dear folks, Well, another week has slid around and I’m still well and happy. I’m enjoying life so much that I don’t know what I’ll do when the war is over. In fact several of us are talking quite seriously about what we will do and I want to do a lot of talking about that with youn’s when I get home. There isn’t anything in particular to say. I might tell you about the April fool joke the cooks played on the rest of the camp. The served all the food that noon artificially colored. The cabage salad was dark blue and the butter was an ugly green and the bread was pink, the milk green and they had an awful looking purple soup. They had a cheese and macaroni dish that was a light blue but it still tasted like macroni. We all had a big laugh about it and all enjoyed it. It sounds like you parents of mine are really going in for organizations and clubs. That Lions club looks good to me, it looks like it should help people to get better aquainted with each other and then they would stand a better chance of getting along they might do something worthwhile too. I’ll bet Mom is happy now that she has a typewriter of her own. Is it a big one or a portable. I’m not such an expert that I can tell by the writing. 50 buck isn’t bad at all if it is any good. I’ll bet you’ll really turn out the stories now. That makes me think of that show where the woman wrote only because a typewriter had been accidently delivered to their house. Only 50 bucks ain’t not accident. Well, I’m about writ out. I think I’ll dash off a couple of lines for Harry. Does it look silly for me to seal my letters to him and send them in the same envelope? Well, it isn’t as silly as spending an extra stamp, I figure. So long--------- With love Bernard

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