Sunday, October 16, 2011

March 31 1944

3/31/44 Dear folks I got your letter yesterday with the Bank Draft in it and gave it to the office to keep for me till I get ready to pay for the ticket. I’m going to have them a reservation tomorrow for the 1st of May. I can’t reserve more than 30 days in advance so I’ll have to make my reservation to come back when I get there. Did I tell you that I found out that they would sell me a ticket to Boon and I wouldn’t have to buy one clear to Chicago. But I will have to ride clear to Boon as they don’t stop at Jeff. Glad to hear that you guys are feeling a little better. I reckon that you’ll be able to get the crops in. Good spring weather does a lot to help you feel better. I got mixed up with a little washing maching trouble too. Most of out laundry is done with a big machine run by a steam engine but they still have an old wreck of an electric washer that they wash overalls and sox in. Well it broke down and I seemed to be the only on that know enough to tear it up. It is still torn up waiting for parts. We have had pretty good luck getting parts from Portland. They figured it would pay to fix the thing up as it takes them about two hours longer on washdays without it. I got a mild toothache last week that last week and so I made an appointment with the dentist for Wed. Well, my tooth quit hurting before Wed. but I went anyway. The dentist poked around and said that I had had some food lodged under the gum and he dug some stuff off the side of my tooth and jabbed around a little and let me go. I was one of my wisdom teeth so I had figured that I was going to have to have my first tooth pulled, say! but I was relieved. Well, then I hitch-hiked on up to Eugene and hunted up Tek Autenrieth’s folks. I had never met them but I was sure they would be swell folks and they were. I just got a letter from Tek on Tuesday telling me their address. I can’t think of much else to say. It sure is a swell day today. Yours Bernard

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