Sunday, November 20, 2011

April 15, 1944

4/15/44 Dear Folkses, This aint going to be much of a letter. I have been busier than the dickens this week and this is the first letter I have writ since last Fri. I do have a lot to say but it wouldn’t pay to try to tell it in a letter. It would take to long and I can tell it much better when I get home. I did get a round trip ticket but I can’t make my reservation till 30 days before I want to travel so I won’t be able to make the one for the return trip till the first of May and It would be just as well to wait and apply for it from that end. They got the ticket for me the other day and I think that it cost something like $80.96. They may have made me pay for a ticket all the way to Chicago. I don’t know. The guy that got it has bought gobs of tickets for the fellows so I know he did the best for me. I do get off at Boon that is only 15 miles further, just a little more tractor gas. And it sure will beat riding those lousy slow jobs that I did the other time. Our weather hasn’t been quite so good as it was a sort of spring rain season for a couple of weeks it has been raining some almost every day. Well, I want to dash off a couple of lines of bull for Harry and get this out in the afternoon mail or it will be stuck till Mon. Yours, Bernard P.S. I got the Draft. I think I included it in the one I wrote Mar. 31. B.A.

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