Sunday, November 27, 2011

May 27, 1944

Eugene, Ore. Sat. 1:30 P.M. Dear Home folks, I got as far as Eugene as you can see by [the] address. I am at the apt. of one Tom Jones and wife. He is a camper at Elkton and I happened to discover him about the middle of yesterday (Fri.) forenoon. We had several chats and then we got on the train at Portland and came right down to Eugene together. We got in at Port. at 7:45 and the train for Eugene left at 8:00 only it was 8:15 before we got away. I figure to hitchhike to camp. I should make it in good time. I planned on taking the bus from Port to Drain but it didn’t go for a couple of hours and I wouldn’t have made it to Drain till 5:00 P. M. and I figured I’d do better this way as I had to hitchhike to from Drain anyway. About Tom Jones. He went to Philladilphia a couple of weeks ago to attend an executive committee meeting of the A.F.S.C. They let representatives for the camps go to some of the meetings on Gov’t time. They are carried on the records as Detached Service. There is a meeting every month and we can send a man to any of them that we feel is important enough if we don’t get too extravagant I guess. I didn’t know Tom had gone or have any idea that I would see anyone I know when I went up to the next car to get a drink. It was quite a supprise to see the back of a head that looked familiar. He was just as supprised as I was. We first got into Eugene a few minutes ago and I cleaned up a bit then I’m going to take a city bus out to the edge of town and get my thumb out. I can’t think of much to say so don’t look for another communakay from me till next week. I might write when I get back to camp if the spirit moves me but I doubt it. Love, Bernard

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