Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's fun to post these two cards from Dad's spring furlough at the end of the week that we did our Thanksgiving trip. This is a rare break in his weekly writing and then of course we don't get to hear anything about his trip back home. So it is about a 3 to 4 week break. Later at the end of 1945 he keeps a small journal, having both the letters and the journal at that time helps to fill in some of the blanks. So Dad does these train trips across the country, and one thing I noticed he said was that there were only two meals offered on the train, so he stopped and got some bread. We traveled overnight from El Paso to Houston on the Amtrak train, leaving on Monday and getting into Houston about 4 hours late around 9 am I think. We had a sleeper, called a roomette, very small, but they do make up the beds so we can lay down and there is a bathroom on the same level as we are sleeping on. We found out the week before that we could order special vegan meals ahead of time, so we did. When we got on we asked about them and the kitchen crew said they didn't have them, then by dinner time they had found the meals. One was pasta and one was a bean chili, both had been frozen. Coming back I just did the regular meals since I could have a vegie burger for lunch, Tim got a kind of mystery meal, trusting that it was indeed vegan. Most folks on the train, they do community seating at meals, were friendly about our eating vegan. At one meal everyone at the table had vegie burgers, the times they are a changing. I really enjoy the train rides, and find I am quite content to sit and stare out the window as long as we are moving along. Stopping and waiting for freight trains gets a bit old. I'm off to bed and one more full week of working.

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