Monday, July 4, 2011

Rain again

I checked last year at the beginning of July and I wrote about rain. Dad's letter is back in February of 1944 and speak of the need of the war machine for people and a fear of them trying to recruit CO's. This didn't happen. We are in interesting times, where money and the challenges of extreme weather may actually help to move us away from wars. At the present we are still immersed in multiple wars, which I am coming to see as a big game which benefits the banks and keeps the war machine going at the expense of the people. Here near Mexico we are very close to the impact of the drug wars and how they destroy communities but do nothing to stop drug use. I do believe that as human beings we will move beyond this stage of greed and addiction to create sustainable communities that are in harmony with the earth.
Now to the rain. We have had a drought here I think it is at the supersize level. I think they are labled, severe, extreme and extremely severe. That's us. I had used up the water in our water barrels for the garden except the last tank in the front. Then finally the rain came on Friday night pouring down and more on Saturday. The rain brought back memories of rain in the Colorado mountains when we were kids and we would go hiking with Dad while Mom sat alone back at the campground and read. Coming back sometimes we would get caught in those afternoon showers and take shelter under a rock until it passed. In Colorado it can rain anytime of the year it seems. Here you really come to appreciate the rain. We often have a little in the spring, but not like the downpours we get in July and August. We have all been in fear of the fireworks since today is the 4th and the city had not canceled all fireworks, but the rains help. There is still a lot of dead wood from the winter freeze which killed things like our pomegranate tree. But the once dead grass and weeds are now perking up as are the eggplants and tomatoes in the garden patch.

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