Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby pigs, corn pickers and frivolous filing

Now it seems to be my turn to be a conscientious objector. Back in '44 Dad is watching baby pigs and discussing with Grandpa the Farm Bureau and the value of picking corn by hand or by machine. There does not seem to be much happening at the CPS camp. Back here in 2011 I got a note from the IRS saying I have received a 'frivolous' filing penalty related to my 2010 tax return. Since the US invaded Iraq and I went back to a full time pay check I have withheld part of my tax, the part that goes toward current wars. I put it in an account at the bank labeled 'war taxes'. After the first few years the IRS did a levy and collected. They sent me a notice last fall that they would levy again, but never did. Then a week ago I got a penalty of $5000 with only 10 days to reply. I have contacted the advocacy people and hope to hear from them. So far I am just asking for clarity on why this particular form is considered 'frivolous'.
I was thinking about how with a volunteer army and much of the war work hired out by the military, tax resistance is one of the few ways we can actually resist or connect with the war machine. It amazes me to think of the cost to so many people of the violence of war.

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