Sunday, July 31, 2011

February 18, 1944


Dear family,

Still isn’t much to say. The pigs are doing alright and the chickens are still laying aigs (eggs).

Did I ever tell youn’s that the director’s wife is going to have a baby? Well, she is. Some of the boys made a cradle for the kid and the director (with my help) made a swell table with a little cupboard underneath to bathe the baby on. They don’t have much furnature or place to put any. They have an apartment partitioned off in one of these CCC buildings about 30 feet long and the building are about are about 20 feet wide. The baby is scheduled for the week from next tue.

Those were some clippings that you sent me. When I read some of that stuff I wonder if there is ever any hope for the world. I reckon there is tho, but I probably will never see it. I’m more than ever sure that at least for me war is wrong and I’m sure that it si wrong for the world as a way to settle differences. I can’t see anything in a religion that lets people kill other people and in some cases streghtens them. I’m not going back on my religion but I sure think that Christ has been one of the most misunderstood and missinteripted men that ever lived.

I used to think some about being a preacher but I don’t think that I want to take the responsibility to interprit Christianity to people when I think about how little I understand about how to live with my fellow man. That leads me to wondering about Christianizing other nations. I wouldn’t bw supprised if the Japanese people know about as much about God and The Americans. To judge from the way we do thijgs in the name of God and kill people with love in our hearts, I can’t see that we have any business to show any nation the way to worship.

I guess you really had some winter for a while. We havn’t had even a frost for some time. We have been having a little more rain tho in the last week or two.

I hope you get that tractor planter. I may come home a little before the first of may but now much, We’ll see what happens. There hasn’t been a furlough bann since that one last April except around Christmas. Then it was out of from 15% to 10% and the 24 and 25 there were to be none of us traveling. So I’m not so worried about that. But our position with secelective service and the public in general isn’t too secure. The friends are batting for us in Washington but we don’t have any leverage over Seclective Service except our nusence value. Maybe the fact that we are working for nothing has a little to do with it too. But it is a pretty big load.

I think that I’ll try to get a reservation on a fast train but I’ll have to buy a ticket to Chicago but It will be worth it to spend lett time on the train and get home sooner.

So long


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