Monday, July 18, 2011

February 12, 1944

Dear folks,

You are going to get a short one this time. About the only news there is is that the camp sow had pigs this morning before 5:00 Warren was on the job.

I got the box of cookies the same day I got you letter. Thur. Durn good too, everybody likes them. Thanks a lot. Thanks for the big check too.

Your good weather has let you get a lot of good out of the corn stalks this winter. I think I’m still for hand corn picking. I sort of hate to see you get a picker. I suspect that I don’t need to worry for a while at the rate that you are getting things from that board. I reckon you are right when you say that there are a lot of funny things done by the farm bureau guys. I don’t know as I blame them. It is just natural for people to favor their friends and not to notice the people that they don’t know so well. You get good deals from the friends you make among the storekeepers and Harry Ruth gives you good deals and you have had good car deals. The thing is that you don’t believe in the Farm bureau and so you can’t be quite as good friends with the fellows that do as you could if you did agree with them. I don’t agree with them either. I imagine that there are people that belong to the Bureau just because the ration board and the farm program is run by them. We won’t do things like that and we only have a peace of mind as a reward. We will get our reward some time. So I don’t think you want machinery if you have to get it by getting on the good side of people for that reason only when you don’t believe in their organization.

Talk about parts for the cornplanter. It seems to me like Ella B’s planter need something, I believe I had a hard time keeping it in gear, maybe the clutch was worn. If we had to use it it might go bad before we got done, if she hasn’t had if fixed.

Say! if Mom keeps on I won’t know her by may. She’ll be a mere shadow!

I saw a HENRY ALDRICH show the other day. The boys kidded me about going to see my brother in the movies. It was good. That guy can get in some awful messes.

They should have a Thin Woman program on the radio for you, Mom.

With love and a Mouth full of cookies,

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