Monday, February 15, 2010

Turning around in the rain

This is a Monday morning post. I thought of something to write last night. Usually I read the letter I'm posting and it prompts me to write something. It took longer this time. I was thinking about rain and our family and the camping trips in the 1950's. The first trips we did were in the Desoto and most of the roads we traveled on were dirt with a lot of switchbacks, not that many tunnels and no Interstate highways. Dad liked to go to out of way places where there were not lots of people and especially no fisherman. A couple of times I know we ended up on these high narrow mountain roads in the rain, I would look out of the window of the Desoto and could see the road washing away down the side of the mountain. Father was always a calm driver, mother was not, so we were glad in the back seat when he was driving as the road seemed to disappear on one side while on the other side rocks and mud were coming down into the road. I remember once when he actually turned around the car on one of these narrow sections in the rain, we didn't wear seat belts then and I was so scared I just hunkered down on the floor, I couldn't stand to watch the turn around process. I didn't look up until by the tilt of the car I could tell we were going down the mountain road instead of up. I think maybe Dad got his comfort with the rain while in Oregon. I feel a frustration as many do today with the position our country is in, I feel we are on one of those muddy dirt roads high up in the Rockies and it's a road that does not lead anywhere. We need that acceptance, knowledge and skill to turn around.

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