Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CPS Camps - Religious run or Gov't run

The issue of having the Gov't run the camps instead of the historic Peace Churches comes up in this letter. In WWII conscientious objection was religious based, though some of the CPS people seem to be more politically based. Having the Peace churches run the camps gave the men more freedom to do self organization of each camp and also did not put all of the financial burden on the Government. Some objected to helping the government out during war time. It was a unique experiment. It was reminding me of Gandhi in England in 1914. When England was in the midst of WWI, Gandhi and other Indian citizens living in England, all part of the British Empire volunteered to be part of an ambulance corps. They ran into trouble as they wanted to follow their own leadership and not be lead by others in the military. Eventually they ended up helping at a hospital which would allow them to take their own leadership.
I think most governments allow for conscientious objectors and keep them away from those in the military since they cause so many problems with conscientious approach to most work.

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