Wednesday, February 3, 2010

December 31, 1942

C. P. S. #59
Elkton, Oregon
Dec. 31, 1942

Dear folks,

Here it is the last day of the year. It is still raining too. We have had an awful lot of rain here, more than they usually have they say. The River that goes by camp is way up and you can see logs go by most any time. It caused the road to cave way and slide into the river between camp and where we work. Luckily we didn’t go to work today or we would have been shut out of camp I guess. We don’t know exactly how bad the road is, it is a blacktop highway so the state men will have to get it fixed. According to the rumors there was a guy driving along and couldn’t stop in time so he drove right into the hole then there was a truck that was close behind him and it came in right on top of his car, there wasn’t anyone hurt tho. Ite first man had just climbed out of his car when the truck came in. In an ordinary rain we keep right on working but the last three days it has been raining extra hard and the day before yesterday it was quite chilly too. Yesterday the wind started to blow so we came in right after dinner cause it isn’t good to stay in burned over timber when there is much wind. Today we didn’t even go out it was raining so hard. By now the rain has slacked to an ordinary drisle.

Your present came the other day and I’m very greatful for it. I havn’t decided what to use it for yet but there will be something that will turn up that I can use it for. I got grandpa and grandma Aldrich’s dollar yesterday. It came to Coshocton first.

I don’t have much to say this time. I really wrote to get you to send my sugar ration book. It seems they havn’t got this camp on an institutional basis. I think they will afterwhile but they want our books so I guess you’ll have to give it up. Maybe I’ll get it back before long.

My ‘tin’ coat and hat came but the pants didn’t come. We sent to Monkey Wards at Portland. The papers havn’t come yet so we don’t know whether we will get them or not. The CCC left some ‘tin’ clothes here but not near enough to go around. I borrowed a pair till mine come. I felt that I should buy myself some since I had a little money cause lots of the fellows don’t have any. That tin coat sure is nice it would be a dandy coat anywhere. The Monkey Wards catalogue sure is different here. A lot of western clothes, boots, big hats and that sort of stuff.

Thanks again for the three bucks.


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