Wednesday, February 3, 2010

C. P. S. #59
Elkton, Oregon
Dec. 26, 1942

Dear Folks,

Well, I’m still in Oregon. I’m sort of behind with my letter writing. You wouldn’t get much of a letter this time. I made some carbon coppies of a sort of report of some of the main things that happened and about the camp and project here. It seemd that that was the only way I would ever get caught up and be able to tell some of the I wanted to tell about the trip out here.

This is the rainiest place I ever got into. They get over 100 inches a year and they get it in 8 months they tell me. The other 4 months are very dry and then is when the forest fires are bad.

I just got some warm winter clothes for the cold weather at Coshocton and now I come out here where it doesn’t get cold but it rains all the time. Well, it looks like I’m going to have to get some rain clothes. I wore my good raincoat one day and I couldn’t stand to wear it to work in the mud and slop. So I got one of the raincoats that the CCC left here it was a lot lighter but isn’t too water proof. A raincoat isn’t a very good thing to work in anyway, the tail is always getting in your road and they are hot if you are getting any exercise. Out here in the west they wear what they call “tin suits” they are made out of 8oz. army duck. They make them triple thick where the wear is and on the shoulders and claim they shed water beter than anything else. They are called “tin” cause they are stif and bend like they are made of tin. Well, I figured that it made about the same difference if I spent my money for clothes instead of giving it to the Service committee and then some one else can use the raincoat that I’ve been using and also I’m be more comfortable. So I’m sending for a “tin suit” with several other fellows, one of them has checking account and will send his check. I’d like for Dad to send me a check for 11 dollars. I image it would be better for him to send it by check but he can suit himself.

Another thing, if I remember right my insurance is due about this time. I suppose Dad had better send them a check too. I have about decided that if I have to stay in C.P.S. I may have to spend some more money for clothes. So I’ve got a nothion to hang on to the last $50 to spend on things for myself. What do you think of that?

It takes a long time for letters to get out here so I hope you can answer soon and I’ll try to do better to.

So far I’m just as healthy out here as ever. I wouldn’t be supprised if I’m healthier here. In Coshocton the weather would get warm then the next day it would be cold, but this is pretty steady here---it rains all the time. Oh it isn’t quite that bad, it didn’t rain at all yesterday, out here they don’t want a white Christmas they just want a dry Christmas.
Mrs. Weant sent me, or is sening me, a subscription to the Christian Herald. Pretty nice. I just got a card saying that I was to receive it.

I just got your last letter yesterday, it had to be forwarded from Coshocton. We left here on the 19th at noon.

Write soon.


P.S. That ‘Buch’ you sent me will come in handy. I was flat broke when I got here. I never got that letter till the 24th either. I hope the corn is out by now.


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