Sunday, November 11, 2012

September 1st 1944


Dear family,

            Once again I’ll say that another week has passed. When I start a letter like that I sound like I’m bored. I don’t really think that I am. Occasionally I get impressed that time is passing right along too. I don’t get bored unless I get to thinking of the sameness of life. And life isn’t the same from day to day. There are lots of changing things to keep one interested.

            Your last letter had a dollar pinned to it. Dad. Thanks a lot. I did get the sisors. The came one day after your letter and I forgot about them by the time That I answered your letter. They are a little better pair than The ones that I left at home. They work fine.

            Coments on the farm news: I was glad to hear that you finally had built a fence north east of the south barn. As far back as I can remember, almost, that has been sort of a wreck. I’ll bet the boys will enjoy a good gate there. As to not getting a corn picker. I’m sorry that you didn’t get one. However, I suspect the you have quite a bit of new machinery in the last two years and tho you may need it more or as much as someone else they would be influenced by that. Maybe that is just rationalization but that helps.

            We had a small rain last night, it was raining when I get up this morning. I hope we get several. It will nearly shut off the fire season. About what will happen is that it will rain enough to encourage the farmers to burn their pastures then it will get dry again and we will have a bunch of brush fires that will have to be put out or they will get to some good timber. I wouldn’t mind going to a fire but I do hate to have them burn up good timber.

            I’m having a heck of a time thinking of something to write. I think I should have a page don’t you.

            We had a meeting with the project Supt. the other night. He had a few things that he was a little dissatisfied with and we had a nice sort of visit with him. I think he left understanding us a lot better than he did. I think that most of the men though more of him and appreciated his attitude towards us. I certainly could notice a difference in this meeting with him and the one that we had when we first came out here over a year and a half ago.

            I suppose the boys are still safely 2-Cs. Some times I wish they had gone to CPS. I have learned so much that I don’t believe I would have learned anywhere else. I wonder what they have done in the last two years besides work and spend their money? Are they any better prepared to live the next 40 years? It is something to think about.

P.S. (over)
I almost forgot to wish you a happy Birthday Mom. Happy Birthday.

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