Sunday, November 18, 2012

September 19, 1944


Dear family,

            Just a note. I’d like to write more but I seem to have run out time. I managed to get a letter written to Evelyn that I hope may give her a boost. I’m mailing it to you to send on to her. I’l leave it open and youn’s may read it if you’d like. In fact I’d like to hear what you think of it.

            Hey Dad, isn’t it about voting time. Would you get me an absentee ballot and send it out? I don’t know when the deadline is but it can’t be long. I have been talking to some of the Socialists in camp. There are quite a few. They about have me convinced that I ought to throw my vote away on Thomas. I suspect Thomas would be about the most supprised if he won. I’m sending you a little of their propaganda. I really go for it.  I don’t know which of the other guys I do like the best. I’d like to see Roosevelt get booted I guess but I don’t have hope for the other guy doing anything wonderful. What are you thinking these days

            I hope everyone is doing ok, Mom’s eyes and Eileens ainlents too. I am pretty well over my cold and enjoying life. I’ll try to write a better letter when I answer you next one.



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