Sunday, November 18, 2012

September 14, 1944


Dear folks,

            I think that I got the best of this deal. You have written me two letters and I havn’t gotten around to answering any of them yet. As you have probably guessed I have been on a fire. Last Fri. just a week ago fires broke out all over. To start with there were two fires right close to camp. One was just outside of Elkton and the other was about 4 ½ miles down the road. Well we got those pretty well under control by night and about 11:00 that night we got a call to a fire that had started that same afternoon about 60 miles or so south of camp. Well we went down and just got back Wed night. I slept most of yesterday. I developed a pretty good cold so am laying off today. I am in the infirmiry now using the ‘Doc’s’ typewriter. Hence the different type.

            I don’t have very much to write. I alos got enough poison Oak to keep me scratching for a while.

            That is a funny thing about Evelyn and the teaching job. I don’t know as I can figure it out very well. There are lots of people like her that don’t like to take responsibility. But they don’t usually get themselves in a jam where they have to take it. I think that as soon as I get a little ambition I will write her a letter. I don’t know what her address is but I can just mail it to you and you can send it on.

            I’ll have to close this as the mail will go soon. I’m ready to go to bed again anyway. I think that I’ll be ready to work tomorrow so don’t worry about me.

                                                Yours with love

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