Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Forest Fire

This days post is about the first forest fire detail that Dad goes on. He gets to wear a cool head light and also misses his caulked boots, which I am not familiar with. What are or were caulked boots. Here in 2010 the news is full of the coming election. We are hoping for the best and yet trying to figure out how to make the best of whatever happens. It is nice that we have early voting and can vote this week and not worry about the Tuesday and timing. I am trying to think about forest fires, growing up in Colorado I know we would hear about the really large ones, but I don't think I remember seeing areas hit by fire until I moved to New Mexico. Here the large fires are often in May and June, with rains coming in July and August. there seems to fire seasons which are not all at the same time in every state. A young friend of ours just got finished working on the hot shot fire crew here, it's a good job April to September with enough money for a young person to survive during the time off. A roommate I had in Colorado had done this work, her name was Lee. She had been on a crew out of St. John's college in Santa Fe and said they would work a lot and then discuss Shakespeare on their time off. I think Dad's experience was similar in CPS hard physical labor and lots of intellectual discussions as well. One big news item this last week was the rescue of the miners in Chile, it was exciting to see them come up after 70 days. I had heard that they had a designated poet. We need art and literature in order to survive.

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