Sunday, August 8, 2010

Logging and Movies

Dad has an interesting time not getting anywhere in this story. We went to see a new movie called Inception about dreams within dreams. I got to thinking how reading Dad's letters, writing about growing up in the 50's and 60's while currently living in 2010 reminded me of the layers in the movie Inception. Each of our stories has roots or a basis in another story before it. My mother did a video tape of her spiritual journey and in it she says 'the bags were packed by those who came before', meaning that she came from a family without a lot of problems. She recognized that she had a good start on life. In Inception at one part in a dream a van goes off a bridge which impacts the people who are in it dreaming at the next level they are floating around they do not have solid ground, no gravity. I think that what my mother was saying was that her basis was strong was solid because of her family and I think that some people who come from an unstable life or background are like the people in the movie, floating around unable to find ground to stabilize themselves. It also made me aware that there is always a part that history plays in any situation, we do not operate on an empty stage. Reading these letters for me was like reading the act that took place before I came on stage.
That's my musing on the movie. It has stuck with me, so I thought I would try to share my thoughts by writing them here. It might not make sense unless you have seen the movie.

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