Sunday, August 15, 2010

July 25, 1943


Dear Folkses,

Right off the bat I want to thank Dad for the gas stamps and the Buck. It will come in handy. I spend more money since we go to shows every once in a while. Sometimes I feel very extravagant about it but “you can’t take it with you,” you know. So as long as I have a little money and the opportunity for a little diversion I suspect I’ll continue to spend it. The whole camp was glad so see the gas coupons. They will get us to several shows.
We just found out today that when we leave this camp to go to Sweet Home to finish up that job (do you remember? I told you about it a couple of weeks ago) that we will pull up stakes here till next fall sometime. So my address will be Sweet Home for a while then I don’t know what. But we will continue to get mail cause the boss has a wife in Portland and they have only been married 2 or 3 years so he will want to get mail once in a while. Also there are official letters going and coming so it will be gotten some way. We have a forwarding address when we move so don’t worry about that.
I got a letter from Kingsley. I imagine Grandma A. has told you about him. The fighting is over there. He is a sergeant now from his address.
I’m glad to hear that you are going to get the old threshing machine out. I’d bet Harry wasn’t tho while he was shocking oats. I hope you’ns don’t work to hard tho. You will probably be well underway with the thrashing by the time you get this.
I’ve fooled around trying to write this and it is time to go to bed now. We have had too many discussions this evening for me to write a good letter. I’ll try to do better next time.
We have a new cook now and tho he hasn’t much experience he is clean and will work so we get along fine.
I am going to the dentist some of these days, I told the office (C.P.S.) to make an appointment for me and the boss said I could take one of the trucks so that is it. I’ll find out what the bill will be and have you send me a check.
So Long,

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