Sunday, February 5, 2012

July 7th 1944

7/744 Dear folks, So you are praying for rain now. That’s the way it goes it seems. All that water that fell is gone and you need more. Our rain seems to be pretty well over now. We haven’t had any for a while. It is foggy this morning which means it will probably be a clear warm day later on. I went up to the Autenrieth’s last week-end. Had a very nice time. I like them a lot, quite interesting people. I got better acquainted with Emily (attention Harry). She called me Harry to or three times so she must have remembered him a little. I don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered. There are two youngest girls which I also got acquainted with. There are bunch of guys in Eugene last week from camp. They had a deal on to pick Cherries and can them. Two other guys and I took the three Auternrieth girls to a show. Had a right good time. They are pretty young but it didn’t seem to bother us any. The guys went up Wed. and picked some more cherries. We have canned about 1600 pounds to date. The canning factory works fairly well. They had a little trouble getting some of the jars to seal. They are using those vacuum lids and I don’t think they have learned how to use them yet. It looks to me like Evelyn could write me a letter now that she has a job she should have something to tell. Prod her a little. Compared with some of the wages they get out here and with what Viola has gotten she isn’t getting much. But I reckon that everything helps. Maybe there is too many girls trying to get jobs for that Gold Crud company. I can’t seem to find much to write today I guess I should have double spaced it. How did your Lion’s celebration come out? I forgot it was the 4th till it was about half over. A pretty quiet 4th here. How’s your eyes Mom? No one mentioned them, doing alright I guess. The emergency farm work season has started now. They want three men today. The project Supt. isn’t happy about it he can use the men himself. I hope I don’t get caught on it. I’d rather build stuff. Yours with love, Bernard P.S. (over) Say do I have any pictures that you sent me that you want back? I have some new ones I’m sending you next week. This letter will be full of Reporter! It is a good issue. B. A.

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