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July 15, 1944


Dear home folks,

            How you been? I’m still getting along pretty well. We are having very good weather. Gets pretty hot and dry in the afternoons. Bad weather for fires, I mean it isn’t good to have one start now. We got a call at 2:00 a. M. a week ago today which really woke us up. We never had to go tho but we really whipped our organization into line from 3:00 to 5:00 that morning and now we are ready for anything. I guess it was quite a way to that fire and they had to call Portland to authorize our leaving and they talked them into hunting for men closer.

            We are supposed to get 12 or 15 new men soon but we havn’t seen anything of them yet. I guess transportation is pretty crowded. 3 are them are new west coast assignees. We only have 113 men now.

            Some time ago we had the opportunity of taking vocational interest tests. I took it. Just got the results the other day. The test don’t tell whether you can do the job or whether you would be successfou or not. It says that your interests were the same as those of a group of men that were in these occupations that were tested. I scored the highest in Mathamatics and Science teacher. Imagine that. I was high in what they call the social uplift group. YMCA secretary Personel Work, Minister and stuff like that. I was quite high in farming too. I was alos high in Musician. That doesn’t mean much as all CPS men run high in that. I guess it is ‘cause they have a lot of the same interestes that musicians have like to read the same books and spend their leisure time the same way. I wasn’t very high as a carpenter. But the group I was compared with was a bunch of Calif. union carpenters and I don’t suppose our interests would have much in common. I’m not so much interested in carpentry as I am in cabinet making and wood turning. I scored pretty good as printer which was interesting but I don’t think I would want to be a proffesional. This test didn’t really tell me much but it did confirm some of my ideas about myself. According to t is test I think I would be pretty happy in this Co-op deal we are talking about.

            Tell Evelyn I was glad to get her letter. I hope she is over her bruises by now and back with those dull people again. She should be able to learn a lot of things not to do from them. I bet I’d get tired of it tho. I’ll try and get her off a letter soon.

                                                            With love,


-EDSEC Newsletter, July 10, 1944. Vol. 1, No. 13 with note: This put out by the Educational Secretary each week
-Project News, July 10, 1944, No. 10 with note: This is put out by a guy who’s job (?) is Project Education and Safety Education and stuff. Both these guys have their headquarters in the main camp but spend part of their time in the side camps working with the men and working on their jobs too.
-The Reporter, July 1, 1944, Vol. III, No. 1

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