Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012. Another year. Dad's beginning to plan for the end of the war and his co-op ideas at the camp were interesting: "we decided that it would be good for each one to figure out as nearly as possible exactly what he wanted to get out of life and what he wanted to do to get it. Then to figure out what he thought he could do and get by pretty well. We are trying to be practical. I suspect that we are inclined to be a little idealistic. We thought that there was a difference between what a guy wanted to do and what he would be willing to do and what he could be happy doing. We thought if we could discover this we would have a pretty sound bassis to work from to plan the character of out co-op. What do you think?" I think that they hit the nail right on the head. Our local occupy group has been struggling and I wonder if they have had these discussions. The advantage that those in CPS had was that they were forced to work and live together on a daily basis and so built up a level of trust and ability to communicate, which is different from the Occupy group where people can choose to show up or not. I have had a good week, not too eventful. We did some cleaning and also went to the exercise place and I gave Tim a week off of cooking and cleaning and I am glad that is over. My hat is off to all homemakers who never get a break. We went up to the hot pools in T or C which was nice and the lunch out at the vegetarian restaurant was enjoyable as well. As this year begins I am aware of being retired and not thinking in terms of the school year but of the calendar year, I also am thinking of truly having a sabbath day, where I do not grade papers or plan classes on Sunday afternoons.

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