Sunday, August 28, 2011

March 11, 1944


Dear Folks,

Yesterday was your aniversry! Imagine me remembering it!

I didn’t do anything about it tho.

I spent so much time writing to Harry that I don’t have much time left. I don’t have much to say anyway.

I figured out my furlough and think that this will probably be my schedule. I’ll take the steamliner from Portland and I’ll have to buy a ticket to Chicago and get off at Boone. It isn’t an extra fare train so the only extra expense would be from Desmoines to Chicago, I had to buy to Des Moines last time. It would save a lot of time.
Lv. Portland 4:30 Pm. May 1
Ar. Boone 6:33 Am. May3
Lv. Boone 11:35 Pm. May 28
Ar. Portland 9:45 Am. May 30

I can make pretty good bus connections both times at Portland.

I reckon that your snow is gone by now. That’s a funny time for it to snow or is it. It has been so long since I wintered in Iowa that I have forgotten what it can do.
I hope the boys leave a little gass for me when I get home. I expect to mork most of the time but now all of it.
I can come home earlier if it would make any difference. I have 30 days even on the 18th of May so I could have my 30 day furlough and start it on the 18th of April. That train only runs certain days buy it wouldn’t make much more than a day difference. I’ll check on the exact cost of tickets. I have to make a reservation for the steamliner and you can’t make them for more than 30 days a head of time.

I’m sending Harry’s letter in a separate envelope, the rest of you probably wouldn’t be much interested anyway and it is more or less confidential.

With love and stuff

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