Monday, August 8, 2011

Do hickeys, shellac and appealing to the IRS

I am now on break for one week. Last week was very busy. I finished up my work for the graduate certificate in online teaching and learning, it's been a full year doing the classes and I have learned a lot. On Monday I spoke with the person at the tax advocacy office and then decided to go ahead and write an appeal for the frivolous filing penalty I received. Some Quakers in New York gave me some suggestions on wording which were helpful. Then on Friday I got a new notice saying that the IRS was levying the money from the account this notice included the bank info so I think this is happening this month. They will levy the money from 2008 and 2009. I keep getting clearer on my position, maybe not as clear as shellac, which dad is talking about in his letter. I see what I am doing as the difference between someone coming to my door and asking for money to kill someone and I say yeah, sure here it is I'll help you out and instead me saying no I do not want to help you and later they come back and break into the house and take my money. I do support a system of taxation but I do not support wars and do not feel that I can participate willingly in funding them. I recognize that the government is in a bully type of position and I can not stop them from accessing my money especially since I do enjoy working and teaching in the public education system. So I created the 'war tax' account and the money is there.
I think there are two main issues here: money and power. I read a good article which said that the US could stop the violence and drug traffic in Mexico if they stopped the flow of money through our banks. Interesting. I think the money was a huge factor in stopping apartheid in South Africa, once people began to divest, changes began to happen. I do not think we will turn around from out military path until enough people say no to funding it. These people may end up being the Chinese people instead of those in the US. The issue of power is connected to our materialism, which it interests me to see that many nonviolent leaders came to see from Woolman to King. Power is needed to maintain a high standard of living and then racism comes in when the high standard is for one group over another. So this is getting longer than Dad's letter. I'll save some thoughts for next time.

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