Sunday, January 30, 2011

From $10/a day to $10 an hour

Dad's got some numbers in this letter. He talks of buying meals for 80 cents and men making 10 dollars for a days work being high wages. I remember in my 20's when I lived in Japan and I made 10 dollars an hour teaching English and it seemed unbelievable that I was making that much. That was 1972, 10 dollars an hour is still fairly good pay. He also talks about processing, butchering a pig. All the skills he knew how to do are impressive. We did a worship sharing today at Friends Meeting on diversity and we spoke about the different areas such as race, religion, and economics. Later I thought about work and how growing up there was more diversity in our Friends Meetings, both people who did physical labor and those who had white collar jobs. I miss that. I was realizing that it is something that I enjoy in our work place at the community college most of us come from working class backgrounds. We can easily relate to our students. I have an 8 am class and I'm starting to fade out here. I hope life is calming down a bit so I can start posting on Wednesdays as well.

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