Sunday, July 18, 2010


I haven't checked all my headings to see if I'm repeating myself. There's the mention of Grandma's jam at the beginning of his letter, so I got into jam recollections. Both mom and dad were great gardeners. Dad did fruit, berries, grapes, some trees - apples, cherries, they also had ruhbarab and gooseberries. Mom did the vegetables and then did alot of the processing of the food. Dad would make grape juice but I think mom did all the rest. We would have apple sauce, crab apple sauce, pickles and jams and jellies. I really didn't know that people bought jam in stores until I stayed over at a friends house and they had some store bought jam, that did not have the flavor of what we ate at home. I really came to appreciate it once I moved away. Then when we would go to visit we would leave with a box of home canned food and a small freezer full of frozen berries and apple sauce. One of my favorites was a raspberry apple sauce, Mom would freeze it and then to use it she would put the container out on the counter to thaw out. We would sneak into the kitchen and scrape some off the frozen lump, it was iced and yummy. We always had bowls of fruit to eat if we were hungry.

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